Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WAR Dubstep Bootleg Series

The 12 inch white label WAR series is pretty fucking cool. Bootleg classic reggae tunes remixed as soon to be hard to find dance floor classics. Number 1 was a remix of Bob Marley's call to arms (of peace) War. Only heard on dub plate this one made it to the 500 only pressing of WAR001. the second side being a mash up of Max Romeo - One Step Forward and parts of Prince Jazzbo - Ital Corner. Each release is anonymous and has its lovers and haters. Some think its dumb to remix these songs others just love the new twist and sub bass. I have my copy played once and on the shelf because once I ripped the wax to wav, why ruin my grooves? WAR002 was 2 remixes of Legalize It by Peter Tosh done in a West Coast and East Coast flavor. The East Coast is my favorite being the stoney minimal version of the two. WAR003 was the first to do Dance hall tunes Never Scared and New Dimension by who I don't know. WAR004 is a remix of Rockers from the film Rockers and the second side Linval Dub. This one is my second favorite because Rockers is the best movie ever and it just comes down with the soulful rockers vibe with the low end sub bass. WAR005 is Marlon Asher's - Ganja Farmer and Althea & Donna - Uptown Rankin. Great tunes on the dancefloor but nothing too earth shattering. The series is rumored to have such diverse producers as 6 Blocc and Matty G and many othersand are all mastered by Transition. All I know is the dancers delight to the any of these you play out. Recently announced is WAR006 which I have been waiting for. Its a remix of Human Resources Rave classic Dominator and a second side with Danger Zone a remix of a reggae song I'm not sure of its artist. The Dominator remix is unreal and smooth and almost ambient with its pads and echo sounds of a slowed down old rave synths pumping out into the middle of space. Plenty of sub bass to be found here. I havent been this stoked over this tune since I heard the OG at my first rave in 1991. This takes the WAR series to a new place subbing rave for old reggae, just like the recent Lennie Dee - We Are IE remix by Caspa & Rusko and the DJG remix of Meat Beat Manifesto - Helter Skelter. Overall if you can find them (Ebay has a few of them) and keep them, the WAR series really brings something special to collecting and enjoying Dubstep records. I'm telling you the Dominator remix is fucking tits...... I wanna kiss myself!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Weekend Flashback

Sleep is golden. I slept away most of Friday night and Saturday day on Benedryl due to allergies. I missed some epic events Friday night.

Bassism Recordings night in SF went down. Tons of great stuff in the pipe from this label headed by DJ Tommy Lexxus who you can catch in Europe in a few weeks time on tour. A line up of champions for the night:

Bakir is one half of the Spit Bros. Eating BBQ many moons ago with Bakir he talked about the love of ethnic drums and odd rhythms in general seem to influence alot of his musical production. I had one track he gave me before I opened for Skream a few months back that I love. Big dance rave rhythm stuff who's name escapes me. It was one of his first solo efforts. Dubsworth the other half of the Spit Bros swears there is more to be heard from Bakir. The One being a local and international Grime pusher whos beats slap and let peeps know Grime Lives in the USA as well as the D&B sensation 2 Cents wit the Colonel MC and the KC Prophets which I have heard awesome things about. I fucking slept through the whole thing.

Saturday night I pushed myself out the door to go to a signing by one of my favorite comic book writers Mark Millar at the Isotope and then off to Surya Dub to hear Dave Q and DJ Rupture. Dave Q the Dubwar NYC Don played a techno heavy set full of sick beats. I had never really heard him play that dance floor and people where digging it big time. I heard he brought tons of Hessle Audio tunes I got weak and had to cut before Rupture to catch the all night bus home. Dave Q's set was a prime example of how surprises always abound when it comes to Dubstep. The DJ can go 4x4 or step or down low. Check out the latest Dubwar Podcast featuring Ramadanman for another view of how Dubstep flows boom.

Dubwar Podcast

Friday, August 22, 2008

Old Endorphins

Old school is term used tons in the modern music environment. Currently in the Dubstep Sublow world this mean pre 2006 4x4 based Garage or 2 step. Its hilarious here in 2008 we consider 2005 old school! Listening to old sets or newer set by the likes of Oneman or even N-Type and Walsh (when they hook up and do a 3 hour Sub Sunday on Rinse FM) with tons of old school, its an education. One of the records I finally acquired after a week of furious Google searching was SkyKap - Endorphins. I first heard it on a Sub Sunday set. The last time I was in London on my way to DMZ with Hatcha I asked him how hard he thought it would be to find it. In his signature Hatcha way of stating things he said "Lovely tune Sammy that would be very hard to find in fact that reminds me I gotta call Walshy and see if he can bring it for me tonight cause mines at home!" Considered to be maybe one of the first 2 Step tunes it came out in 1997. I was able to find a copy for 20 bucks shipped. Sick old 2 Step light jazzy airy piece of wax that just feels good with the female vocals that sing ...I'm feeeeeeeeeeeeeling High Baybay. Grime City once a year does an Old School Proto Dubstep night around October. The crew drags out the old 2 Step and Garage and goes to town. Local fixture and Electronic buyer at Amoeba SF, DJ Mike B (considered to be the Godfather of Dubstep in S.F.) threw down at the last one in 2007 and killed it with the classics. As time goes on I seem to be hearing the old and the new finally meeting on the dance floor. In the end this just mean more old records for me to collect......Le sigh....


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Generation Bass: Radio 1 Mary Anne Hobbs

A little over 2 years ago Mary Anne Hobbs of Radio 1 Experimental presented to the world Dubstep Warz. This was how many around the world first heard Dubstep. She presented the cream of the scene at the time, artist like Mala, Hatcha, Vex'd and many more. I remember driving to Los Angles and hearing the playback on my ipod, blown away by what I heard. You talk to a lot of dubstep addicts and many state they had been waiting forwever for a mucial sound like this. Last night she presented Generation Bass and had the orignal artists pick the next group of Djs and producers. Check out the playback on the BBC player.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Been a great month so far for tunes. Big shouts to the hook ups. BAY AREA PRODUCERS are on FIRE right now!

HD4000 - ROUND 2/COLOR BLIND - ???