Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Current Wave

After years of just posting my mixes and my shows, I felt its time to get back to talking about music. Someone once said to me its stupid to talk, and argue about music. Well screw that! There is so much to discuss! Plus I've been riding my bike so damn much people think I don't like dance music anymore. I just like to get shit always happens early in the morning.. WTF?

CURRENT WAVE!? Deep House? Trap House? Jukework? Boogie? Vogue? Disco Dungeon? Riddim? Post EDM-IDM?Drums and Trap? Techno? No Really Techno! Not some kind of Deep House with dark pads! Confused? Without confessing how long I have been subjecting myself to hearing loss, I can truly say there has never been a better time to choose. Or be totally confused. I'm almost not sure which. This all depends on where you stand as a listener. You want to go out, and fucking rage face, and dance your ass off, and wake up wondering how you cracked your phone face? I can safely say most of the music out here now can enable that level of feels, 24/7 for the rest of your life. Want to stay home and listen to something deeper and dreamy or throw a Detroit themed dinner party. We got you. Dance music has been so distilled there is something for everybody. Its also so popular. Congrats America we have reached Europe levels of Dance Music popularity. Your granny too will ask "Turn down for what?!".

The easy access of music and media in general creates like (in my mind), little pockets that are filled with whatever music being reinterpreted, is out there in the underground or what we used to call dance music, and then overflows into the larger pool. Thing is the pool doesn't care about the pocket pools, it only cares about staying filled up. That pool is so filled with crap most people just jump in and enjoy what is presented to them. This happened in the 90's with grunge and nu-metal. I remember nu-metal. Let us never speak about nu-metal again. So we got this pool full of stuff, and only the loudest most outrageous, cake throwing music is what gets the time of day. Its fills theaters, tour buses, stadiums! What about those pocket pools? Those pools are cities, and little scenes, and bedrooms worldwide. Filled with people, who are stoked they got Ableton and can make beats. Happy they got a midi controller. Stoked they got a guitar. They create in those pools and fuel innovation and keep the light of creation going. Dance music is not some united amazing UN of people making the world a better place. It is the ultimate self centered experience. I'm not saying that to be negative. Its about the listeners personal connection to the music. Look at the clubs and parties ....we are all dancing alone. My point to all this? Keep an eye out for the hidden gems. Troll Soundcloud, or Mixcloud for thing similar to your likes. Try something new. Click on that weird link. Don't just swallow up what ever the internet and your pals spit your way. Don't be afraid to be an "Audio Tourist". Maybe even get a turntable and go to a record store. Dig, dig, dig, and never stop digging for good music.

WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC JERK? Agreed what about the music. Here is my current top 5 things I am listening to that crosses genres.

1. Leviathan - Scar Sighted - Profound Lore Records

This is the most exciting and brutal yet polished Black Metal record in years. I know its not dance music, but I listen to everything. I derive joy from the void of sound and darkness this record offers. The artist known as Wrest has had a troubled, yet innovative history making music and this LP fully delivers all the years of his suffering with great effort.

2. Mind Against & Locked Groove - Elysium/Pulsar - Hotflush

Locked Groove is my go to for smart Techno. Punchy 90's tinged that always delivers. This team up with Mind Against presents a sweet very Belgiumish, techno warehouse staple with plenty of consistent qualities and a few weird changes that keep it interesting. Pulsar is a bit more aloof and has odd electronic touches that round out a decent 2 track ep.

3. Dr. Jeep & Tony Quatro - Torpedo - Trouble & Bass

I like Experimental, 2-Step, Garage, Tropical tinged dance music. Torpedo delivers a direct hit and sinks the battle ship of boring dance music. That was hella corny.  Dr. Jeep turns out some dope body music. Tony Quatro too. All 3 tracks are their own thing. Creator has a very strong tribal feel with chants and hoots. Title track Torpedo presents strong drums with nice pads that make the tune's hard edge a bit softer. The last track Penthouse Suite is a dirty-booty (yes that booty is filth), 160 Juke, DnBish banger that just makes me want to dance. Is that so wrong?

4. Hej Fund - Hej Fund EP - Sister City

This has been out for a minute but man this EP makes that minute last for a long time. Sister City is a new collaborative label that is releasing some amazing music. I'm not going to bore you with me trying to explain bleeps and pads and how ill and heavy this ep is, just go listen to it and you tell me. File under Techno, Warehouse, Body Muisc.

5. Eskmo - Sol

Eskmo is a solid. His evolution from Dubstep and Glitch to where he is now is amazing. He has tried many musical hats and this record is him doing it all his way. Lush soundscapes and experiments, and singing. The whole record has a deeper orchestral feel. Defiantly worth your time. This record was released on R&S/Apollo, Apollo being the more Ambient arm of R&S.

Thursday, October 30, 2014




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Grime City selector Sam Supa has reached into the void for this special dark summer edition of the Stay Lucid podcast.  Pulling out his favorite black metal tracks of the last 7 years, Sam unleashes the demon spawn from the gates of hell for this tortured mix.  Those new to Stay Lucid might not know we bang our heads this hard… welcome to the darkness.
1. Intro Stylee -Elements of Crebain and Echo Delay
2. Deathspell Omega - Succubus Of All Vices - 2002
3. Watain - Puzzles Ov Flesh - 2003
4. Leviathan - A Bouquet Of Blood For Skull - 2004
5. Leviathan - Blood Red And True Part: 3 (Plummeting Obscure) - 2004
6. Lurker Of Chalice - Piercing Where They Might - 2005
7. Gorgoroth - Carving A Giant - 2006
8. Valdur - ??? - 2007
9. Behemoth - Arcana Hereticae - 2007
10.Watain - Storm Of The Antichrist - 2007
11.Satyricon - Black Crow On A Tombstone -2010
12.Lightning Swords Of Death - Nihilistic Stench - 2010

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Friday, March 29, 2013



Made a new dirty mix to promo the upcoming FIXUP night at OMG in SF that the DPBC is throwing. Enjoy the truly hype Juke Bass Vibes in this one!!