Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WAR Dubstep Bootleg Series

The 12 inch white label WAR series is pretty fucking cool. Bootleg classic reggae tunes remixed as soon to be hard to find dance floor classics. Number 1 was a remix of Bob Marley's call to arms (of peace) War. Only heard on dub plate this one made it to the 500 only pressing of WAR001. the second side being a mash up of Max Romeo - One Step Forward and parts of Prince Jazzbo - Ital Corner. Each release is anonymous and has its lovers and haters. Some think its dumb to remix these songs others just love the new twist and sub bass. I have my copy played once and on the shelf because once I ripped the wax to wav, why ruin my grooves? WAR002 was 2 remixes of Legalize It by Peter Tosh done in a West Coast and East Coast flavor. The East Coast is my favorite being the stoney minimal version of the two. WAR003 was the first to do Dance hall tunes Never Scared and New Dimension by who I don't know. WAR004 is a remix of Rockers from the film Rockers and the second side Linval Dub. This one is my second favorite because Rockers is the best movie ever and it just comes down with the soulful rockers vibe with the low end sub bass. WAR005 is Marlon Asher's - Ganja Farmer and Althea & Donna - Uptown Rankin. Great tunes on the dancefloor but nothing too earth shattering. The series is rumored to have such diverse producers as 6 Blocc and Matty G and many othersand are all mastered by Transition. All I know is the dancers delight to the any of these you play out. Recently announced is WAR006 which I have been waiting for. Its a remix of Human Resources Rave classic Dominator and a second side with Danger Zone a remix of a reggae song I'm not sure of its artist. The Dominator remix is unreal and smooth and almost ambient with its pads and echo sounds of a slowed down old rave synths pumping out into the middle of space. Plenty of sub bass to be found here. I havent been this stoked over this tune since I heard the OG at my first rave in 1991. This takes the WAR series to a new place subbing rave for old reggae, just like the recent Lennie Dee - We Are IE remix by Caspa & Rusko and the DJG remix of Meat Beat Manifesto - Helter Skelter. Overall if you can find them (Ebay has a few of them) and keep them, the WAR series really brings something special to collecting and enjoying Dubstep records. I'm telling you the Dominator remix is fucking tits...... I wanna kiss myself!!

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