Friday, August 22, 2008

Old Endorphins

Old school is term used tons in the modern music environment. Currently in the Dubstep Sublow world this mean pre 2006 4x4 based Garage or 2 step. Its hilarious here in 2008 we consider 2005 old school! Listening to old sets or newer set by the likes of Oneman or even N-Type and Walsh (when they hook up and do a 3 hour Sub Sunday on Rinse FM) with tons of old school, its an education. One of the records I finally acquired after a week of furious Google searching was SkyKap - Endorphins. I first heard it on a Sub Sunday set. The last time I was in London on my way to DMZ with Hatcha I asked him how hard he thought it would be to find it. In his signature Hatcha way of stating things he said "Lovely tune Sammy that would be very hard to find in fact that reminds me I gotta call Walshy and see if he can bring it for me tonight cause mines at home!" Considered to be maybe one of the first 2 Step tunes it came out in 1997. I was able to find a copy for 20 bucks shipped. Sick old 2 Step light jazzy airy piece of wax that just feels good with the female vocals that sing ...I'm feeeeeeeeeeeeeling High Baybay. Grime City once a year does an Old School Proto Dubstep night around October. The crew drags out the old 2 Step and Garage and goes to town. Local fixture and Electronic buyer at Amoeba SF, DJ Mike B (considered to be the Godfather of Dubstep in S.F.) threw down at the last one in 2007 and killed it with the classics. As time goes on I seem to be hearing the old and the new finally meeting on the dance floor. In the end this just mean more old records for me to collect......Le sigh....


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