Sunday, April 5, 2009

WMC Aftermath and more

Been a long week recovering from Miami. The days went on and on with sun, drinks, food and music. Lots of new faces, meeting people, talking, talking. Got to visit family too, total solid trip, worth every bit of effort. Big up LA Gang, UK famo, Kush Aurora, Kozee and big shout to Hera, you are an amazing travel buddy as always! Great to hear SUREFIRE has a solid rep worldwide. It was wonderful to hear people ask and talk about all that is SUREFIRE. Aside from losing our banner to a thief the night of our showcase and before London Bass in Miami, all went well. Thanks to all those that made it out and played!

Seeing Benga, Plastician, MRK1, Mala and Skream over and over (big up guys, big up Plastician's Sunglasses)
Surefire Sound Showcase at Black Sheep Bar
London Bass in Miami at Black Sheep Bar
Meeting the Florida Dubstep massive
Meeting ALL OUT DUBSTEP crew (Swedish Vampires in effect!)
Meeting Kutz finally
Meeting Juan Basshead (huge big ups Juan!)
Sunning with Hijak
Texas Dubstep crew
Meeting and seeing the Trouble and Bass Crew & AC Slater
Lil Jon and Diplo in a nasty beer filled warehouse
Richard Devine in a small bar
Rusko and the gentleman Rod Azlan
Kruder and Dorfmeister (the unicorns of electronica)
Seeing Nikola Baytala playing someplace other then SF
Prodigy at Ultra
Timbaland DJing at Ultra
Not paying to get into Ultra
Chasing 12th Planet around
Being called a beaner and being asked "where the beans at?"
Cuban food everywhere
Closing night House music vibes with Sam XXXL and the London crew ( i ducked out early to catch a 5 am shuttle earning the footie chants from Hijak and Mala that "they can see me sneaking out, sneaking out!")
Many more musical moments lost in a sea of Rum and humidity for reals.

Pics below:

Benga by you.

Grime City with Lo Dubs. There is so much cracking in SF this night but this IS the place to be aside from Roni Size and Mad Professor and Seven at 103 Harriet.

SUREFIRE. SOUND001 big show our first offical event at the new space. If you are in the area don't miss it!

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ForwardEver said...

Larging up the Supa 'everytime, yu done kno.

If any man can conquer Miami, Supa can!

See you out and about bredrin.