Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Lost Lappy inspires rants on Serato

Its' been a ruff few weeks. I lost my laptop. It was stolen by 2 kids in Oakland at the bus stop as I was putting it away in my backpack. I chased the kids down and got one and turned him over to the police. I still have no laptop. What did I lose? Music. My tracks I was eager to finish up in Ableton and about 5 months of dubs from all over the world. The day before this all went down I backed up my laptop and did not save the dubs because I wanted to sort them and file them in an organized manner. Silly me. I posted up on Dubstep forum and I received an outpouring of tunes from all over. I had to use cds the last time I played Grime City and it was ok. I do miss my Serato and Ableton.

How a DJ plays music has been a hot topic locally for sometime. Some people think that using Serato is not real djing. One needs to use records or cut plates because its better. It's a tired debate which really is pointless. If you have ever seen Plastician play he fucking kills it using Serato. He deftly plays tunes like a tie fighter pilot swaying and moving going in for the dance floor kill. Its awesome. Serato has made me a faster more focused DJ. I see wave forms and hear phrases and my mind and body sync and I can play tunes in more creative ways. My sets pack more of a wallop. No more going into the record bag to fish for tunes. No more confusion on white labels. Heck no more cuts and dry finger tips from handling all those record sleeves. I buy the record I rip it it goes into the laptop and for once in my life I don't wear out a record and it has a good long life on the shelf.

After about 18 years of djing I've learned to choose my weapon and use it wisely. Damn do I miss my laptop!

Big up Bowzer, Chefal, Shift, Airtight Imprint, Kial, Forensics, ThinKing and all the others who sent me tunes.

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