Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Some friends have started BIG UP magazine. A magazine dedicated to Art, music and revolutionary ideas. I contributed to the first issue. Friday they will be holding a shared launch party with Full Melt in celebration of issue 1 and the Bay Area Dubstep Volume 2 compilation. The party looks massive all artist on the BAD 2 comp playing. Curious as to what BIG UP was all about I asked them.

SS: What is BIG UP Magazine?
BIG UP is an independent quarterly magazine about modern art, underground music, revolutionary people and street culture.

SS: Why Did
BIG UP Start?
To biggup art that stops, wows and provokes thoughts and actions.

SS: Who Does BIG UP?
It is run by a small group of like-minded individuals, BIG UP is always looking to expand, collaborating with artists, musicians, writers and whoever wants to get involved. Email and we'll get back to you right away.

4. What can we expect from BIG UP what is BIG UP looking to do?
BU: We're biggin up music that empowers, enlightens and looks forward. We're bigging up people who act, inspire and start revolutions. And that is our culture.

5. Where can people get Big Up
BU: Pick up a copy at local shops: Culture Skate and Babylon Falling or order a copy online at


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