Thursday, September 4, 2008


Dubs, promos, white labels, the staple of any hard working DJ or collector. In active dance music circles the freshest tunes get the crowd going. Some tunes are so big it creates a frenzy months before its even slated for release.

Eastern Jam by Chase and Status is a big tune that came out of nowhere. It will be a big release and has made me do the Donkey Kong on the dance floor. You talk to a head who has heard it played live and they get this look in their eye like "oh yea that ones a fucking monster". I first heard Eastern Jam on a Youngsta show hosted by Toasty on Rinse. Yunx played Eastern Jam and another untitled Chase and Status tune that has 5th Element Sci-Fi like sounds in it. I heard he was handed the CD at FWD and played it to a shocked crowd. Both are big and sinister. I got pretty obsessed with those tunes and hoped to find out when they would come out. D&B producers like Chase and Status are making some great tunes. Benny Page - Step Out is another tune I heard and had a heart attack over. I was hella surprised when I found out it was Benny. Purist, bed room dwelling, Oxy Teens complain about D&B producers take on Dubstep. I think a good tune is good tune from Caspa to Dusk and Blackdown to fucking Kenny Rogers. Don't care who made it, if it bangs then bring it.

As far as promos go Eastern Jam hit promo sometime last month and it kind of came out real sneaky like. On the Dubstep Forum one record shop found a copy and will give it away this weekend at random. I missed the promo window but I figured it could be hunted down. Its coming out on RAM a D&B label and maybe it landed in some shops under D&B instead of Dubstep. Discogs has sellers letting it go for 40-50 US sans shipping. People are going ape shit over this promo. How much is too much for a promo? If a DJ has gigs coming up white label promos are a must. If you are a collector maybe the full art work promos are better. Over the weekend I realized that all the Argon releases I have are promos on colored labels and the full art copies have well, full art on the label and sleeve. Dubstep forum is filled with pre order of white labels at small shops or on Ebay months before they come out. Once you buy a white label you can rock it at a rave or play N-Type in your bedroom for your friends but at least you loved (obsessed about/overbid on) the tune enough to get it. A bit of my wages go to 2 important things, the tax man and the record shop. I got my copy of Eastern Jam at a retail price online. I found it bought it and then went back to make sure i got it and it was sold out. I wigged but then got the order confirm and yesterday I got the shipping notice. Soon I will rinse it the fuck out until people get sick of seeing me do the Donkey Kong. MUHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!

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