Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This weekend had epic music moments. Between the OSC BBQ and Judas Priest and Motorhead at Shoreline, I couldnt stop having fun.

The OSC Hotel hosted a sick BBQ and with a live feed on Dubstep FM. Line up was Roommate, Antiserum, Lexxus, Dubsworth, Ultraviolet, Djunya, Rastatronics, myself, Blackheart, and J Suave on the mic duties. Heaps of meat and cooler after cooler of Tecate and Red Stripe and bottles of Vodka, fantastic Bean Soup with fresh hand made tortillas (gracias Miro and Jazz) and grilled pineapple with Nutella and cream cheese and more meat all backed by big bass beats pouring out of Roommates studio. Highlights of the day included hearing Dreadlock by Subscape and a sick new Antiserum and Dubsworth track which was metal mashing mad! Everyone had a good time and such a funny DJ mashup; whos going next....I played 3 then he played 3 then who played 2 or you haven't played, its pure mayhem. We also got to welcome Distance to SF in nice Nor-Cali style BBQ. He plays the Get Freaky Afterburn with Ripple, Boxcutter and Milanese and many more this Friday. Most everyone who is on the new Bay Area Dubstep 2 compilation was in the house. Just released on MP3 and coming up on CD and wax the comp contains track after track of deep vibe filled Bay Area Dubstep bumps. One of my faves is OSC & DJG ft. BUDROS GALI - One Mile High. Check it out its totally worth it. In the end I got stuck in time a few times from too much of everything and my final memory was leaving the party and getting home and going oh shit I left my Rane at Mikey's. A great party for sure for sure!!

Sunday was Metal Masters at Shoreline with Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath minus Ozzy plus DIO), Motorhead and Testament. Sunday afternoon filled with tons of metalheads ready to devil horn and drink anything their wallets could afford. My homie Cam's 16 year old brother came with and it was cool to show him what metal is all about. Excellent sets from Motorhead and the old yet dashing Lemmy and I admit I slept through most of Heaven and Hell and was up at attention the whole time for Judas Priest. Fucking killer time recommend to all.

2 by you.